US bombs MSF hospital

Patients burned to death as United States bombed charity hospital in Afghanistan

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   I gave details of what actually occurred in my last post. It is a pity that MSF has decided to leave Kunduz after the tragic event. Now residents of the Afghan city will have to cope with life threatening injuries and illnesses. Certainly, so many will die due to lack of access to medical care. The MSF hospital was the only medical facility in the city equipped to deal with certain emergencies.
MSF has however provided more information as to what actually happened.
The charity said that despite frantic calls to US and Afghan military officials in Kabul and Washington, the attack continued for another 30 minutes, with the main hospital building housing the intensive care unit and emergency rooms being targeted.
“The bombs hit and then we heard the plane circle around,” said Heman Nagarathnam, MSF’s head of programmes in northern Afghanistan.
“There was a pause, and then more bombs hit. This happened again and again. When I made it out from the office, the main hospital building was engulfed in flames.
“Those people that could had moved quickly to the building’s two bunkers to seek safety. But patients who were unable to escape burned to death as they lay in their beds.”
      As I have said before and even the United Nations agrees, the United States have no sensible tenable explanation to give for this utter disaster that killed 19 people, including 12 staff members of the Medical Charity and at least seven patients, and wounded dozens more.