US Airstrikes

US Airstrikes kills and injures many Doctors Without Borders’ Staff in Afghanistan

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   I’m so short of words to express my anger and disappointment. My heart and prayers are with MSF (Medicens Sans Frontiers — Doctors Without Borders) and the families of their deceased medical staff  in this very painful time.
I don’t think the United States will have any sensible explanation to give for their airstrikes raining down heavily on a charity hospital even if it is clearly a mistake. This is just so painful.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has said at least nine of its staff have been killed in an overnight bombing of their hospital in the embattled Afghan city of Kunduz.
The attack early on Saturday also wounded 37 people, including 19 MSF staff, the medical charity told AlJazeera.
Officials of MSF later told Reuters that they “frantically phoned” NATO and Washington DC, as bombs rained on the hospital for “nearly an hour”.
NATO said that a US air strike “may have” hit the hospital, which is run by the medical charity, adding that the attack may have resulted in collateral damage.
The MSF hospital is seen as a key medical lifeline in Kunduz, which has been running “beyond capacity” in recent days of fighting which saw the Taliban seize control of the provincial capital for several days.
The trauma centre is the only medical facility in the region that can deal with major injuries.
At the time of the bombing, 105 patients and their caretakers and more than 80 MSF international and national staff were present in the hospital, the charity said.
MSF is of course deeply shocked at bombing of their charity hospital in Kunduz which killed Staff and patients killed. I’m equally shocked! How could the United States go on with an attach they knew could cause serious destruction to a hospital or didn’t they conduct detailed surveys before the attack. I’m more than disappointed! And this is the United States that wants to serve as a moral watchdog to Russia’s military operations in Syria. Shame!