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Twitter and Google guilty of Employment discrimination.

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Twitter has less than 50 black workers out of 2,910

Like many other big companies in the US, Twitter has a very low number of Black and Hispanic workers. Twitter is said to have only has 49 black employees out of 2,910 staff members in America. The 35 men and 14 women account for just 1.7 % of the Twitter’s US operation, which is 93.8% white or Asian. This is despite the fact that the company’s senior executives promised to boost their number of African American staff from 2% last year.
Popular civil rights leader, Rev Jesse Jackson has slammed the company after the release of the compulsory Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report saying that people are ‘becoming intolerant’ of the lack of progress.
He said:
‘Black people are greater users of the product and capable of doing the jobs, but there has not been an adequate commitment to hire, train and maintain black people,’ the civil rights leader said.
The number of Hispanic employees also fails to reflect the proportion of Latino users, and of America’s Latino population.
27% of black adults use the site, and 25 % of Latinos, compared to 21 % of white users, according to the  Pew Research Center.
The Rev Jesse Jackson, president of the Rainbow/Push Coalition, who has long campaigned for tech companies to be more transparent about their lack of minority employees, told the Guardian that black people are “becoming intolerant” of Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies’ lack of progress in making their offices more diverse.
The stark lack of black employees comes despite the company’s repeated pledges to make its staff better reflect the diversity of its 302 million users.  This employment discrimination is more annoying because Twitter actively exploits its large number of minority users to bring in more advertising revenue.
Rev. Jesse Jackson said that at the moment, Twitter is benefitting from black people’s love of its medium, which often leads to black
issues trending worldwide – without paying enough back to the community. “They hire people they know, they trust and like,” Jackson said. “We’re not in that the circle.”
“It appears that the tech companies seem to treat it as a public relations issue rather than addressing the actual
problem. African Americans use social media more than others, the corporations continue to build and profit from that, so it is especially problematic that they do not have an
employee base that in any way reflects its users. They have really failed on this.”
Rev Jackson slammed Google when figures released last month revealed black people account for just 2 per cent of the tech giant’s workforce.

Racial injustice in U.S (Pictures from Ferguson protests)

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   This picture really pierced my heart and propelled me to write about the persisting racial discrimination in the United States, an issue that has long been on my mind. Perhaps, it is a good coincidence that I can sight a very great example from the shooting and killing of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri and the violent protests that erupted after. His name was Michael Brown and he was shot six times by a white police officer even though he had his hands up.
   I wont speak much about this issue, I believe that the pictures speak louder. Ferguson is a town that has two-thirds of its population as blacks but has a police force that is 90% white. I think this does so much to potray the economic and social marginalization of black people in Ferguson and America at large. Whites get away with little punishments for the same offence that blacks serve lengthy jail terms, Whites are employed for the same job opportunities which had black applicants with higher qualifications, a black man with a prison record is considered almost unemployable but a white man with the same record is still considered, blacks often find it difficult to get justice when the offender is white… and the list goes on and on. Truth be told, the United States is far from being the ‘Free for all land’ that it claims to be. Racial discrimination and equality still thrive but many don’t want to talk about it…what we should realize is that not talking about it wouldn’t make it go away.
       Here are pictures of the black community in Ferguson protesting the murder of an unarmed black teen boy, shot by a white police officer. They are desperately seeking justice, which they are afraid might elude them.

A protester carries a "Don't shoot" placard which was the main slogan of the protests


Angry black protesters were on the streets even at night



Protesters protest indiscriminate police shooting of blacks and carry a long list of people believed to be killed by the police
Police try to disperse angry protesters in Ferguson with tear gas and grenades
Policemen violently arresting a black protester during Ferguson protests
This placard pretty much summarizes the truth of the whole event
The scene where black teenage boy, Michael Brown was gunned down with six bullets by a white policeman
Friends and relatives mourn Michael Brown at a memorial