A Black man’s tale of racism in Hungary

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   This story is painful and sad but coming from Hungary, I’m not really surprised. The same Hungary that will lock out sick and hungry Syrian refugees!
       A British/Zimbabwean photographer, who goes by the name @Dcmorr on instagram, took to his page this morning to share a heart breaking tale of racism in Hungary. Below is what he wrote;
Hungary is a deeply racist society. I have been here nine years and people insult me all the time. some one said to me on the Metro “Hey monkey, where are your bananas?”. I can cope with that. Just don’t touch me. I have a scar on my forehead, a skinhead came up to me with a bat and hit me on the head, to bash my brains out. As soon as i get my passport I am leaving.
I am happy I am alive. My brother was murdered in Vienna. Pushed under a train. They still haven’t caught the person that pushed him under the train. There are cameras everywhere. If a dog was killed they would have caught the
person. I spent two months there, all my money went . They would not even let me see his body. I said you cannot bury him and finally they let me see the body. My brother, same father, same mother. What can I tell my family?

One thought on “A Black man’s tale of racism in Hungary

    Inkposts said:
    February 19, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Is there any more updates on his story and his brother’s death?


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