Top 10 Google Searches in Syria reveals that Syrians are desperate to flee to Europe

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The most searched terms in Syria involve fleeing to Europe and getting to Germany

       The terms Syrians in Syria search for most frequently on Google show their desperation to leave the war torn country and move to Europe. It also involves terms on how to deal with some medical emergencies. It is just so sad that the war in Syria has dragged on this long, gotten so complicated and left millions suffering.
    Al Jazeera in a findings they conducted revealed that the top Google searches coming out of Syria have revealed that Syrians are desperate to flee their war-torn country and many are still planning to seek refuge in Europe.
AJ+ spoke to Google to find out what Syrians are searching for and found that, according to search volumes over the past fortnight, people have been searching for their closest hospitals, how to treat burns at home and how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
But the most popular search terms were about finding a way to Europe, and more specifically, how to reach Germany.
According to AJ+, the top two searches coming out of Syria are
immigration to Germany” and “asylum in Germany“.
Syrians are also trying to figure out how to get to Germany, firstly by sea, with the terms “Greece map” and “sea separating Turkey and Greece” the next top searches.
They also want to see “maps of Europe in Arabic” and a “map of Germany”.
AJ+ also found that they are also trying to determine which route is the best to take by searching the distance between the Turkish cities of “Edirne and Izmir”, between “Izmir and Istanbul”, then
“Turkey and Greece”. Then, they want to know the distance on foot between “Macedonia and Serbia”.
As Hungary declares a state of emergency and uses force to prevent
people from entering its borders, the Google searches reveal that high volumes of Syrians are also looking for “news of Hungary and “Hungary Syrian refugees”.

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