ISIS: The Executions Continue…

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The flag of the Islamic State

        The Islamic state appears to be growing stronger by the day and it seems the world is just sitting back and watching, even though that’s most likely not the case.
I’ve written previously about the horrible, cruel, medieval style executions which the Islamic State, ISIS has been carrying out. When I wrote about it, I was hopeful that they’ll be stopped but here we are, months after and it appears that the situation is even worsening.
The ISIS is notorious for slaughtering people like animals through different methods:
√ Random shooting
√ Beheading
√ Crucifying
√ Throwing people from roof tops
√ Locking people in cages and drowning them
√ Starving people…
√ hanging people
  the horrible list is endless!
       You can view some of the pictures yourself:

The ISIS beheading of American Journalist, James Foley
ISIS soldiers leading out Iraqi soldiers to their place of slaughter
Photo showing ISIS carrying out open crucifixion
An ISIS mass execution of Iraqi soldiers

          The UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts the number of ISIS executions at 3,027 including 1,787 civilians and 74 children! Shocking!
Lest I forget, women are not left out too. Recently, reports came in that the ISIS beheaded two women and their husbands for seeking ‘non traditional’ health remedies.
      The ISIS is undoubtedly growing bigger, stronger and fearless, disregarding every law of morality and humanity. The extent of even executing children! My God!
Something must be done to stop them and restore sanity to our world, to restore the dignity of humanity.
You will all agree with me that the world can not continue to  appear to look on! The world must do something and that something has to be done now and it has to be done right. We have to save those vulnerable women and children fighting for their lives, just thinking of getting through everyday. I still think of those Yazidi girls, most of them raped and killed or forcefully married off! Most of them had to watch their family members die!
So, my dear readers, friends and servants of humanity, what do you think that ‘Something’ the world must do is?
Do you think the world (United Nations…) is doing the right thing, do you think they are doing enough, do you think they have to change strategy?

Written by Olisa Lotenna


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