South Sudanese girls were RAPED and BURNED by soldiers!

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Life inside a refugee camp in South Sudan

            I was shocked when I read the recently released UN report of the United Nations Missions In South Sudan (UNMISS)
It contained revelations too shocking and painful. Reports of girls being raped and burned alive by South Sudanese Soldiers. I can’t imagine how anyone would have the heart to do this to young innocent and vulnerable girls but something must be done to put an end to this horribly intense form of human right abuse.
The United Nations has done well in launching an investigation but that is not enough! Necessary action must be taken in order to stop these abuses and ensure a humanitarian truce so victims can be supplied with necessary relief materials.
This allegation of rape and torture is in addition to other horrible crimes against humanity which the Army is also said to have committed.  Crimes like killing of civilians and burning of villages.
The UNMISS said that about 115 eyewitnesses and victims were interviews during the investigation and also allege that the army was uncooperative with its officers.
       What you should know about the current South Sudan crises
South Sudan is the world’s youngest country and only gained independence from Sudan in 2011. Crises began when forces loyal to the President, Salva Kiir tried to quell and uprising by the former vice president, Riek Machar.
This has led the very young country down the path of humanitarian crises and human Rights abuses with thousands of people killed and over 2 million displaced.
Several peace talks to end the crises have failed repeatedly.

Written by Olisa Lotenna


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