Photo of the day: Save our children!

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      I found this very touching picture, reportedly taken in Indonesia and my heart became very heavy.
Life isn’t fair and all fingers are definitely not equal.
This is the point where we who are concerned about issues like humanity, charity, social equality and justice are meant to come in.
It would be a great disservice to humanity if we sit back and fold our arms when we encounter situations like this.
Children deprived of education are being deprived of information and as the saying goes, “information is power”.
If we are serious about breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in our world today, we must ensure that our children get good education.
Governments should ensure free education for all children at least up to high school level but when they can’t do this either due to genuine lack of fund or extreme corruption as currently plagues the African continent, we must step in an ensure that every child gets an education.
       You can help!
Please help a child get an education.
Donate to Save the children, a charity organization dedicated to making sure children around the world get a good education.


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