What’s left of Syria?

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           I’ve been following the Syrian crises since its onset, since the protests turned into a crackdown and then subsequently a full blown civil war and even up until Islamic extremists  hijacked the fight against the Government and now that the Islamic State is relentlessly pushing for territorial gains in the country. All these have happened in the space of over  three years.
     Now, the world seems to be forgetting about the Syrian Crises and moving on to other seemingly ‘more pressing issues’ amongst which is the threat of the Islamic State. Russia and the U.S now fear that the Islamic State is gaining ground in Afghanistan.
But, that’s not the aim of this post. Call it a preamble if you wish.
I want to use this post to highlight the impact of the Syrian War on the country. I don’t want to say much. This picture says so much already.


Talk about the impact on Infrastructure, Housing, Health, Education; and most importantly, the people.
I just sit down and imagine how many billions of dollars, how many years and what it will take to get Syria back to its glorious self, that’s if it is ever going to he possible. What about the children? So young, forced to live as refugees, deprived of the joy of growing up and being proud of their homeland. How can they even be patriotic? 
Its hard to swallow that  36% of hospitals have been destroyed! I don’t even want to start giving the depressing figures of the casualties.
And yet, the war is not over and we can’t even see the end in sight.
What’s left of Syria now and what will be left of it when the war is over?

Written by Olisa Lotenna


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