Europe should open its arms to Syrian Refugees

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   What happens when the media gets tired of a story and the world attention shifts to seemingly ‘more important issues’?
It is so sad but it seems like this is the fate of the about 3.7 millions Syrian Refugees. I’ve written severely about the agony the Syrian refugees are passing through and I won’t get tired of highlighting their plight. Imagine the rude shock of being torn apart from your home, country and even from some loved ones and forced to flee to somewhere unknown, totally depending on charity for survival. Having to deal with shortages of food, extreme weather conditions, unsanitary or inappropriate shelter and inadequate eduction for your children. How pathetic!


Its been more that three years and the Syrian war keeps generating thousands of refugees and millions of internally displaced persons.
The UN has made it  clear severally that it can not cope with the  Syrian refugee disaster and aid agencies are struggling against all odds to fill the wide gap left but unfortunately, they too are largely overwhelmed. 


       Only a few countries have continued to bear the huge load of caring for the growing number of Syrian refugees – Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey, most of which are even suffering from one type of internal conflict or the other.
       I join Amnesty Intentional in their  campaign #OpenToSyria to call on wealthy nations to open their arms and eyes and in fact everything to the plight of the Syrian Refugees. It should be seen as a responsibility to not only provide financial aid but help in the resettlement and rehabilitation of these extremely Vulnerable people in their respective countries. Let them consider it as a just service to humanity. The international community, wealthy countries in Europe especially, should do more for the Syrian Refugees. Irrespective of differences, we are all one, united by humanity!

Written by Olisa Lotenna


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