Shocking Pictures of Islamic State Brutal Executions

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          Sadly, we are still talking about the Islamic State (ISIS) today, despite all the military efforts put in by the International Coalition consisting of about 40 countries.
       So, what about the Islamic State again?
     This time, the radical terrorist group which I consider to be one of ‘the greatest threats to humanity’ in the 21st century has carried out sickening executions of alleged offenders and also released the shocking images. It is hard to imagine crucifixion, stoning and throwing people to their deaths from roof tops as punishment for crimes, but sadly, these are the techniques employed by the Islamic State.
     The Islamic State operates the strictest form of Sharia Law in the areas where it controls, mainly in Iraq and Syria. The painful thing about these grossly unjust executions is that the alleged  offenders are accused and sentenced without any proper trial. Of course, the Islamic State has no acceptable justice system.
      This is not the first time I’m posting pictures of ISIS brutality. I do this to highlight the deadly evil which the Islamic State represents and why the while world must join hands to destroy it. Let me first warn that these pictures are not suitable for all readers.
  The first two pictures show two men being executed by crucifixion. These men were accused of being bandits and were brought to the site of execution in a pick up van, as people gathered to watch.



    These next three pictures show a woman accused of adultery being stoned to death by Islamic State fighters carrying the flag of the caliphate.



     These last to images show a homosexual man being thrown to his death from a roof top. This is the conventional way of them executing gay people, as this is not the first time the Islamic State is doing this.
Last year December, the Islamic state also executed two alleged gay men by throwing them from roof tops.


People gather to watch the execution

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