Saudi Arabia plans ‘Great Wall’ to guard against ISIS threat

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       Saudi Arabia is of course well aware of the threat posed to it by the Islamic State’s (ISIS) terrorists and has planned a ‘Great Wall’ to ensure the protection of the Kingdom.
The 600-mile wall is to run the Northern Frontier of the Kingdom from Jordan to Kuwait.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud inaugurated the first phase of the border security project in September, soon after Islamic State’s insurgency swept across Iraq.
The wall when completed would have 78 monitoring towers, eight command centres, 10 mobile surveillance vehicles, 32 rapid-response centres, and three rapid intervention squads.
      Saudi Arabia is a prime target of the Islamic State mainly because the country has been leaning towards the West which the Islamic State considers as a ‘betrayal of Islam’.
The Islamic State had launched its first attacked on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leaving three Saudi Border Guards dead.

People mourn the dead Saudi Guards at their funeral

     It seems like the Saudi Government is sparing no cost to ensure its security,  which is very good but Saudi Arabia should ensure that it doesn’t abandon the fight against the Islamic State. They should remember the civilians suffering in Iraq and Syria because of the activities of ISIS. Also, It is only when these radical terrorists are downgraded and destroyed that they can actually be sure of peace.

Written By Olisa Lotenna


One thought on “Saudi Arabia plans ‘Great Wall’ to guard against ISIS threat

    Caleb Gee said:
    January 28, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    How ironic considering how Saudi Arabia contributed so greatly to the rise of ISIS both financially and ideologically. I mean, are the atrocities committed by ISIS really that much different than those committed by the Saudi monarchy everyday? They violently repress the Shiite community, they behead dissenters and publicly flog ppl who question their Wahabist form of Islam. I for one find it a bit encouraging that the Houthis have risen directly to Saudi Arabia’s southern border. Now if only the brutal Western proxy government’s of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain would fall, maybe the region could have some hope.

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