Photos: Nigerian Refugees await registration in Chad

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   It is saddening to see innocent people, particularly young women and children suffer from the evil acts of some devilish group.


     Nigeria is actually not in a state of war but the steady actions of the radical Boko Haram, most recently the Baga Attack, has continued to produce thousands of refugees and internally displaced people. The fact that ‘Nigeria is not Syria’ is actually causing a kind of neglect to the plight of these displaced people go through.
The hardship of loosing their homes, livelihood and possessions is too much too bear and they are really suffering, depending solely on charity for their daily meals.
     I fear that if the Nigerian situation goes unchecked, a refugee crises might be on the way. It is time for the UN and Nigerian Government to act in synchronization to save lives.
#ActNow #ActFast

Written By Olisa Lotenna


One thought on “Photos: Nigerian Refugees await registration in Chad

    David Azik said:
    January 18, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    If the Nigerian government was better organised and run, then they’d be able fight this situation a lot better. And then there’s the speculation – or fact – that parts of the Nigerian government actually fund the people that are responsible for these wrongs.

    As horrible as this might sound, a bit of me is glad that the rest of the world isn’t getting involved. When, or if, shit comes to shit, Nigeria, it’s people and those running it will have no choice but to solve this problem after they experience the horrors that follow it. I pray nothing similar to a civil war occur, but whatever happens, the country will have to get better to ensure things like this do not happen again.


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