All I Want for Christmas is Peace

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         Merry Christmas to all my dear readers and have a splendid celebration!!!
       I sat down and was thinking of what I’d really love to have for Christmas and while I thought of a new phone, computer, clothes, etc, I switched on my laptop and my eyes went to an image of a Syrian girl sitting alone outside a refugee camp in Jordan and my heart broke. While I’m thinking of new things I should get, this poor girl and millions of others like her just want their lives back. Lives shattered by wars and conflicts, natural disaster, poverty, early marriages, lack of education, forced labour, child abuse, human trafficking.
   It then hit me that I’m truly privileged and since then, I’ve been kicking myself hard on any possible way I can help. I’ve added some more charities to the ones I donate to, I’ve decided to blog more vigorously and defend human rights in  the coming year despite the fact that being in Medical school takes up almost all my time, but I’m not still satisfied. I really wish I could do more. I’ve prayed harder and even gotten angrier with the leaders that sit back and watch all these happen but I still feel its not enough. I’d really appreciate suggestions from you on how else you think I might be able to help.
     All I want for Christmas this year is peace! An end to ISIS atrocities in Iraq and Syria, an end to Boko Haram menace in my country, Nigeria, an end to gross human rights violations in North Korea, Eriteria Egypt and many other countries like them, an end to racial discrimination and police victimization of Blacks in the United States.
All I want for Christmas is a world where tolerance and respect prevail. Respect for one another’s religion, culture and way of life. Respect for the dignity of human life. I’m tired of turning on the news everyday and reading all sorts of depressing headlines.
     My biggest wish for this Christmas, however, is for the 200+ girls that were kidnapped eight months ago by Boko Haram militants to be returned to their despairing parents who can’t wait to have them back.

Written By Olisa Lotenna


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