No Christmas for Parents of Missing Chibok Girls

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         Before I begin this post, I must sincerely apologize to all my blog readers who I’d like to call ‘friends of Hunanity’, for being absent for a long time (about three weeks). It was due to the fact that my tablet was stolen during a charity function I attended. But now I’m back!!! Also, Merry Christmas in advance to all my fabulous blog readers, all the bloggers and people that follow this blog and all humanitarians, philanthropists and activists around the world.
     Okay, so back to my post for today.
    “As far as I’m concerned it is a BAD Christmas. How can it be good when we are not complete, when we don’t know if our daughter is dead or alive,” this was a statement of a visibly grieving parent to a CNN correspondent.
As I watched the parents of one of the girls kidnapped from Chibok, Nigeria by Boko Haram militants 8 months ago speak to CNN, I was nearly moved to tears. It was indeed disheartening.
The year is running out and the pain seems not to be going away but these poor parents are hoping against hope that their daughter is still somewhere alive and would return back to them.
I would really love to share this same hope, but sincerely, I have huge doubts that these girls can still be brought back. Too much time has been wasted and initially, too little was done but I still remember the parents and relatives of these girls in prayer.
     Imagine celebrating Christmas and going into a new year without knowing the fate of your beloved child. The agony is indescribable and to many of these parents, there’s nothing to celebrate and there will be NO CHRISTMAS.
     It is however important to us to never forget what is happening and what these parents are going through, even now when the media coverage of the event seems to be diminishing. Let us ask ourselves, ‘What was the  crime of these poor girls?’
Nothing, other than that they wanted to to to school, be educated, be empowered and bring their families out of poverty. Many of these girls were the hope of their families, in a place like Northern Nigeria where many do not go to school and literacy level is low. Now, the hope seems to be gone. How disheartening!
       The Nigerian Government keeps saying that they haven’t given up and are still doing everything to bring back these girls. I hope and pray they are successful because the parents of these girls can’t wait to have them back. It has been a long despairing wait. 8 months!!!

Written By Olisa Lotenna


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    A sad Christmas for some!!!


    All I Want for Christmas is Peace « Lotenna Blog said:
    December 25, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    […] headlines.      My biggest wish for this Christmas, however, is for the 200+ girls that were kidnapped eight months ago by Boko Haram militants to be returned to their despairing parents who can’t wait to have them […]


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