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    Violent protests have again broken out in Ferguson after the decision of a Grand Jury not to charge the police officer responsible for gunning down a BLACK unarmed teenager, Mike Brown. But this time, the protests didn’t just stay in Ferguson, other other US cities joined the protests chanting ‘WE STAND WITH FERGUSON‘. From New York to Seattle to Oakland, California, the decision did not go down well with thousands of Americans who have been observing the events of the previous weeks and the announcement quickly prompted protests, some violent.

The scene where Mike Brown was shot dead by a WHITE police officer

     What are the people calling for? JUSTICE!
They do not believe justice has been served and they are very discontent with the system which they believe is racially biased. Of course, anyone who knows a thing about the US knows that racial bias is still widely being seen both at local and national fronts. Pictures like these from the initial protests proves this point.



    The question on many people’s lips which I feel is very important is, “What if this was the other way round and it was a black officer who shot dead an unarmed white boy, will the ruling still be the same?”
      All the people are crying for is Justice for Mike Brown and indeed not only Mike Brown. This image below would explain better.

Protesters protest indiscriminate police shooting of blacks
and carry a long list of people believed to be killed by the

         This is indeed sad and the fact that it is happening in ‘role model to the world’ America makes it all the worst. If the United States is serious about being a role model in Justice and Human rights, then it must first set a followable example which of course Ferguson is not.
      I must add that I was unhappy to see Donald Trump’s tweets, blaming the whole Ferguson saga on President Obama and saying that though America has a black president, things like this still persist and this would hinder the emergence of a black president for many generations to come.
How can anyone blame a system that has been for decades on the President? How far could Obama even go when he is always been blocked by the Senate?
Certainly, if Obama had tried to do otherwise and wade in directly into issues like this, people would still complain. This is not an issue of the President, it is a national issue and the fault is with the biased system. What America must do is to make all her citizens feel safe, protect their human rights irrespective of race and make sure they get justice. Justice should belong to all and not special or exclusive to any particular ‘color’.

Written by Olisa Lotenna


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