Shocking number of Syrian Kurds flee ISIS in Syria

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   Definitely, anyone who has been reading my blog knows so well about the ISIS (Islamic State) and its evil activities. I follow closely the ISIS activities because of the group’s insane brutality and flagrant disregard for human lives. I must say I am shocked by recent developments in Syria resulting from a large scale offensive carried out by the ISIS militants. Last month, I wrote about the humanitarian crises caused by ISIS in Iraq and why the world must not continue to look on indifferently. This time, its Syria!
         Fighters of the monstrous Islamic State attacked and took over dozens of Kurdish villages in Syria and this immediately generated a humanitarian crises. A shocking figure of 70,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees fled Syria into Turkey in just 24 hours, as a result of this deadly ISIS offensive. This morning, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister puts the total number of refugees at 300,000 in just two days! This makes me remember the disastrous humanitarian crises that followed the ISIS take over of Mosul in Iraq, where half a million people where forced to flee their homes in just one week.
        Turkey was initially reluctant to accept these refugees but was under pressure because there where cameras at the borders and the Turkish Government knew of course that the world would be watching. Reluctant probably because Turkey already has about 800,000 Syrian refugees living in the country. Turkey has also not been cooperative in fighting the ISIS. It hasn’t been a willing part of the International Coalition against ISIS, prompting allegations that the Turkish Government was supporting the Islamic State. Reluctant to join the Coalition probably because 49 Turkish hostages captured by the ISIS have been released.
       However, this is not really about Turkey. it is about the radical, super extremist ISIS which without regard whatsoever for humanity, spills the blood of the innocent. Many of my blog readers have expressed their anger and thrown all kinds of insult at this devilish group. I too I’m equally as angry as they are. We all want to see the ISIS drown in the blood that it spills.
So, the international coalition is a good thing. The US and France airstrikes is also a welcome development. Australia sending troops to Saudi Arabia to join the fight is equally applauded. The United States plan to arm ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels to fight the ISIS which has received Senate approval is a good step too provided the weapons do not fall into wring hands. This has also been President Obama’s fear that is why he has delayed the move till this point where it seems inevitable.
      Most importantly, at the fore front of this fight against the ISIS are the Kurdish Fighters usually referred to as the ‘Kurdish Permenga’. When the Iraqi army quickly fell to the ISIS, to the utter shock of everyone, the Kurdish fighters filled in. The Kurdish fighters are complaining of lack of military equipment and supplies. The US and UN should quickly see to the needs of these fighters in order to keep up the ground resistance. Speaking of the United Nations; with the crises in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Iraq and Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya…, one can only wonder, “IS THE UN STILL RELEVANT?!”


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