The International Coalition against ISIS

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      I have written severally about the ISIS, now known as IS (Islamic State) and so many people are very interested in what’s being done by the group in Iraq and Syria. I have received so many emails as regards the ISIS, particularly after posting pictures that shows extreme ISIS brutality in Iraq and Syria.
Pictures like these:



     The world was extremely shocked by the terrible crimes that the ISIS has perpetrated against humanity which include very despicable acts like crucifixion, beheading of women and even children and mass massacre of soldiers and civilians belonging to ethnic and religious minorities. World super powers opened their eyes wider to the Islamic State threats mainly because of these three things:
√ The ISIS was becoming increasingly powerful by acquiring much more territories in Iraq and Syria. Territories that when put together is bigger than Britain’s landmass. They were also spreading their influence and gathering many jihadists from around the world. Of course, the United States and other Western countries knew that if the activities of the Islamic State continued unchecked, Iraq will rapidly become an international breeding ground for terrorists from where well co-ordinated attacks could be launched against the West.
√ ISIS was also become very rich from looting banks and forcefully taking over very productive oil fields. They were using this I’ll gotten wealth to acquire more weapons and train more effectively.


√ Most importantly is the ISIS spree of killing of foreign journalists and aid workers. ISIS beheaded American James Foley and Stephen Sotloff and most recently, British Hostage, David Haines.
        These audacious moves by the ISIS have caused so much anger around the world, with President Obama and British Prime Minister condemning the acts and vowing to destroy the group. But as we all know, the US is war weary and are increasingly getting tires of being the ‘world police’. The US was however forced to conduct air strikes to weaken the monstrous ISIS while they sought for a concrete plan to deal with the group.
      President Obama finally decided that the US must not fight the ISIS alone and began to lobby for international support, a kind of ‘INTERNATIONAL COALITION‘ to combat the Islamic State group. The US Secretary of States, John Kerry spent four days in the Middle East trying to garner support for a wider international military action against the radical Islamic group. He was able to gain the support of Ten Arab countries.
On a broader level, 40 countries have indicated interest in combating the ISIS, the latest being Australia which has committed 600 troops.
      I’m in support of Obama’s strategy of an international coalition. US is obviously not ready to get sucked up in Iraq again as it is even blamed for the current crises that is shutting down the country. The world also cannot afford to keep silent and watch despicable atrocities like these continue.  Countries should be the police of one another during conflicts and work together for world peace and for the betterment of humanity.


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    Fred Bloggs said:
    September 20, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    What out ISIS cunts…the Aussies (RAAF and SAS) are coming to exterminate you…

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