Nigerian Kidnapped Girls turning into suicide bombers?

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              Recently, in Nigeria, there has been a rise in the number of female suicide bombers. A female suicide bomber blew up herself in Kano, Nigeria’s biggest city, killing three, and there have been three other incidences of girls involved in suicide bombing. One involved a girl as young as 10. She was wearing a suicide belt. This trend is shocking and has raised questions relating to the kidnapped Chibok girls being involved.
        ‘Some links’ to the radical terrorist sect, BOKO HARAM claim that the abducted girls have been radicalized and brain washed to carry out the devious activities of the sect. If this turns out to be true, which I think it probably is, then, we Nigerians have lost on both sides. We lost our girls and not only that, they are now being used to terrorize us. This means that we have lost our girls completely and they will no longer be the same. This development, I’m afraid, will choke the parents of these ‘once innocent girls’.
       I’m also angry and frustrated, as well as disturbed. Im frustrated because  of our failure to bring these girls back to their emotionally distressed parents. I’m angry because of our delay and lack of reasonable action has caused things to degenerate to this point, that these girls will not only die on this ‘terrible missions’ but will also kill innocent people. That our innocent girls are now being turned to tools of terrorism is very sad and distressing. Its been more than a hundred days since these girls were kidnapped and we have started seeing reasons why we should have done ‘everything possible’ to bring them back immediately they were kidnapped in April.


3 thoughts on “Nigerian Kidnapped Girls turning into suicide bombers?

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    Inaction, as well as actions, have consequences! Sad reality ….


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