Human Rights Violations and war Crimes by ISIS in Iraq

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People flee extreme violence and insecurity caused by ISIS in Iraq

          ISIS (Islamic State for Iraq and Syria), a former affiliate of Al Qaeda is the most extreme terrorist organization in the world. Very radical and blood thirsty, even more radical than Al Qaeda. Since taking over large portions of Iraq and establishing a so-called ‘Islamic Caliphate’, the ISIS has taken every law into its hands. ISIS commanded Christians its controlled areas to flee or face death, and have been carrying out brutal attacks on other minorities, including the Shiites. 
       The group which is often refferred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies are imposing “untold hardship and suffering” on Iraqi civilians. ISIS in Iraq has continued carrying out “large-scale killings, injuries and destruction and damage of livelihoods and property including in markets, restaurants, shops, cafes, playgrounds, schools, places of worship and other public spaces where civilians gather in large numbers. The ISIS doesn’t care at all about the civilian population and carries out its activities without considering them. Of course, this might very well constitute a war crime. International law requires that both the Iraqi State and armed groups take all measures to minimize the impact of violence on civilians. Even the little innocent children are being attacked. Everyday, there are depressing reports of human rights violations being committed in Iraq against ordinary Iraqi children, women and men, who have been deprived of their security, their livelihoods, their homes, education, healthcare and other basic services. The deliberate or indiscriminate targeting of civilians, the killing of civilians, the use of civilians as shields, the hindering of access for civilians to humanitarian
assistance may amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Without care or regard, the ISIS continues to kill and destroy civilian lives and property

At least 1,531 civilians were killed in Iraq last month and 1,763 were wounded, according to UN figures. Some 1.2 million Iraqis have been internally displaced as a result of the violence. These figures are very alarming and worrisome to me. With such a high number of displaced people, we could have a humanitarian crises knocking soon. Let’s not also be too quick to forget that some people from neighbouring Syria are refugees in Iraq. What will happen to them? Also, with the millions of people displaced in Syria, can we afford another humanitarian or refugee crises in next door Iraq?
    Lastly, let me express how radical and mindless the ISIS is. The ISIS is a known former affiliate of Al Qaeda but it has with the most impunity disregarded and violated all the Seven principles of Effective Terrorism as stated by Osama Bin Laden.




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