First case of Ebola reported in Lagos, Nigeria

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            The spread of Ebola virus in West Africa is getting more frightening. Many people are now asking, ‘What is Ebola?‘  ‘How can Ebola be cured?’ People are getting more interested as more cases make the news.  Africa’s most populous city, Lagos has gotten its first case of the Ebola virus.  A man has died of ebola in Lagos, the first confirmed case of the highly contagious and deadly virus in Lagos.
          The man, Patrick Sawyer, a 40-year-old Liberian civil servant, collapsed on arrival in Nigeria’s main airport on Sunday. His condition rapidly deteriorated before he died. His sister is believed to have died of Ebola one month ago.  The death marks a new and alarming cross-border spread of the disease that has now become the world’s biggest epidemic, spread across three west African countries. At least 660 people have died in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since Ebola was first diagnosed in February.
        The pathogen is passed through contact with bodily fluids of infected patients, and has no known cure, although chances of survival improve dramatically with early detection and treatment.
        Personally, I worry about the virus and the spread of such deadly incurable disease. However, I worry more about the stigmatization and ostracism that is now associated with the disease. It has been likened to the early days of HIV/AIDS. Ebola disease isn’t curable and it is transmitted through body fluids like sweat, saliva, semen. Hence, people tend to avoid sufferers due to the fear of contamination. Please, if you know anyone suffering from Ebola disease, do not treat the person like an outcast or leper. Show love and try to get medical help for such individual as fast as possible.
          My message is, as it has always been, ” Show love, Everyone deserves to be happy. Together, we can make the world a better place.”


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