Dispossessed: A film for women dealing with ‘after rape’ crises

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         I got this email from Rachel, who works for a US movie producer, Cheyanne Kane who has made a great movie Dispossessed  that shows the plight of women and the struggle they go through after a rape. I have myself watched the movie and its good. I recommend it for women who need help with the crises and pain of dealing with rape.
     Rachel wrote,
“I came across your blog while researching bloggers who are interested in stories that are important to women.
Cheyanne made a short film called Dispossessed that deals with what women go through AFTER a date rape. The ways we sabotage ourselves in the days after while we process what happened, letting critical time pass that eventually helps the rapist escape punishment. Then the ways in which we numb ourselves from the pain with drugs or alcohol to the point of abuse or try to replace the image of the rapist with someone else’s face- anyone else’s face! All of which only leads to more psychological and physical destruction.

Dispossessed is not a hopeful film as it literally shows a woman’s demise, but it does help other people empathize with women who have been date raped. It paints the picture so clearly and on a deep psychological  level that you can’t help but understand what they go through.

I believe it is a very important short film that I hope will stir certain people into action. Help certain people find their voice. Help others understand that there are deep underlying reasons for self destruction and allow a dialog that could help someone out there.

Cheyanne’s film will be screening at the Chain Film Festival in NYC on Tuesday Aug 12th at 6 pm.  We would love to show it to you via a link in hopes that you can blog about it and help us get people in the seats. The tickets cost $10 so we are hoping a story about the nature and importance of the film may help get people interested. would you be interested in taking a look?”

The link is  http://chain.festivalgenius.com/2014/films/dispossessed_cheyannekane_chain2014.



One thought on “Dispossessed: A film for women dealing with ‘after rape’ crises

    angelaroseguerra said:
    July 27, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    This is so horrible!.. Most victims live in fear of incidents like this. People who are raped have nightmares, panic attacks, waves of self-doubt, an overwhelming sense of distrust. The lives of victims who are raped are forever changed. I just want to share this website to you guys, it is really helpful with this matter. try to check this out http://safetrec.com/


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