Gaza under siege: counting the dead

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           A man in Gaza fleeing the scene of a recent Israeli attack with his two young sons…
                                 GAZA UNDER SIEGE
     I have written about the senseless killings of civilians in Gaza by Israel and I’m still horrified that the killings are still going on, with Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu ruling out the possibility of a cease fire anytime soon. I don’t know whether to be unhappy or Outraged by these attacks and killing of innocent civilians in Gaza. The fact that Israel has vowed to continue with the onslaught despite international pressure is very sad.
     So many people, innocent civilians have died, including children as young as a year old. The death toll in Palestine is now 222! And the Israeli casualty is only 1. compiled this list of Names of ‘all’ the dead/deceased people, killed by the ongoing Israeli attacks.
See the names of young and old men, women, children that ISRAEL HAS KILLED: Names of people killed in the Israel-Gaza conflict



       A dying boy being rescued after one of Israel’s attacks in Gaza


     A devastated mother whose son was on of the children killed during the conflict.


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    Laura M Kaminski said:
    July 17, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    Thank you for posting this.


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