Syria: It’s time for UN to take action!

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   Many observers of the civil war in Syria have lost faith in the UN or international community to put an end to ths fighting and blood shed. However, when we consider the humanitarian catastrophe that the war has generated, we see that there is something the United Nations (UN) can and should do.
      The major problem that aid and humanitarian organizations face in Syria is the inability to get aid to the civilians who are in dire need of it.
   United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon has demanded the Security Council
respond to “flagrant violations of international law”,  claiming that warring parties in Syria were breaching a resolution to provide aid access to help millions of people.
He said: “None of the parties to the conflict have adhered to the demands of the Council. The Security Council must take action to deal with these flagrant violations of the basic principles of international law, ”
   The resolution which was unanimously passed in February, stated that, “all parties, in particular the Syrian authorities should promptly allow rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access for UN humanitarian
agencies and their implementing partners, including across conflict lines and across borders” .
   Obviously, this resolution has not been implemented, as many aid organizations still decry the inability to reach and help victims.
Thousands of people, including children, the sick and injured and the elderly are not getting the medical care, including life-saving medicines, that they so desperately need.
      International diplomacy may have failed to put an end to the war and sending troops into Syria or any other form of military aggression is presently not being considered, no one can tell when the war will be over. Especially, since Assad’s government has maintained that there will be presidential elections in June; elections which he is most likely to win. The least that can be done is to ensure at all cost that the innocent people displaced inside Syria get all the humanitarian assistance that they require.


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