Attack on UN base in South Sudan: A war crime?

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                        [Photo: Reuters]
People push each other as they wait in line during a food distribution in UN base, South

   The United Nations has stated that the attack on the UN base, that houses displaced people, in South Sudan might constitute a war crime! The attack was carried out by a mob of armed civilians pretending to be peaceful protesters delivering a petition to
the UN, had forced their way on to the base sheltering some 5,000 civilians on Thursday and opened fire. The attackers forced their way into the camp in Bor in Jonglei state where some 5,000 ethnic Nuers have sought safety since fighting in South Sudan broke out in mid-December.
The violent attack happened despite repeated warning shots fired by U.N. peacekeepers. Forty-eight bodies, including children,
women, men, have been recovered from inside the base. The bodies of 10 attackers have been found outside the base. The total death toll is 58, but that could increase as over 100 people were wounded, some of them very seriously. U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
strongly condemned the attack on a site where civilians are being protected by the United Nations. Ban said that any attack on U.N. peacekeepers “constitutes a war crime,”
   The area where the base is located, Bor has changed hands four times between the military and rebels. The rebels back
former Vice President Riek Machar, a Nuer who was fired from his office in July.
   The conflict in South Sudan, which only won independence from Sudan in 2011 and is the world’ s youngest nation, has left
thousands dead and forced around a million people to flee their homes.
The fighting has been marked by reports and allegations of atrocities by both sides, with ethnic massacres, child soldier
recruitment and patients raped and murdered in hospitals by attacking forces.


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    […] has said last Thursday’s attack on a UN base which killed at least 58 people may constitute a WAR CRIME.     On Tuesday, the White House expressed horror at the abomination of the violence in South […]


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