Central African Republic: More violence, more deaths

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A fighter from the Christian “anti-balaka” militia holds a traditional weapon at his headquarters.

    The Central African Republic (C.A.R) has been attracting a lot of attention in the past few months, due to extreme violence resulting in deaths and displacements. We all were even shocked when the Afghanistan Taliban condemned the killing and violence against muslims in the C.A.R by the Anti-Balaka rebels. ( Read C.A.R crises). A little over 37 people died between Thursday and Friday during fighting between the anti-Balaka militia and ex-Seleka rebels in Central African Republic’s central town of Dekoa, a source from CAR Red Cross said.
The Red Cross source said anti Balaka militia attacked the position of ex-Seleka rebels in Dekoa, provoking fierce fighting.
“At the moment, we have counted 37 bodies and already buried 10.
By midday, there was still confusion in Dekoa town.
One section of the population had taken refuge in the bush while the other took refuge in a Catholic church within the locality.
According to Youssouf Adam, an officer of the ex-Seleka rebels present in the town, his fighters are in full control of the town.
“We just responded to the provocation of anti-Balaka militia while in our camps,” he said.
Similar clashes were witnessed on the same day in some other parts of the country.

There has been a consensus for a peacekeeping force to be sent to C.A.R by the UN. The AU peacekeeping mission is charged
with the responsibility of providing security along the border of Dekoa and Bozoum. I really hope that the peacekeeping forces will actually contribute to ‘keeping’ and not ‘killing’ peace.


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    […] peacekeeping forces.     Already one of the world’s poorest countries, CAR has seen a wave Crises and Violence in the past 15 months. The 10-month reign of the Muslim dominated Seleka rebel group inflamed […]


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