Syria: Drought and lack of funds constitute more woes

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(Photo from UNRWA)
This One Photo Will Show You Just
How Terrible The Syrian Refugee
Crisis Is — Huffington Post

   Looking at the already grim situation in Syria, one can only wonder: ‘How bad can this get?’
Syria is presently the country with the highest number of refugees in the world owing to the devastating ongoing civil war that has dragged on for three long years.  (Read Syrian refugees in Lebanon).
    Recently, The United Nations warned that a looming drought in Syria could push millions more people into hunger and exacerbate a refugee crisis caused by the three-year conflict .
Syria’s breadbasket northwestern region has received less than half of the average rainfall since September and, if it stays dry up to wheat harvest time in midMay, the country – already reliant on aid for millions of people – will need to import even more food.
     Also, the Syrian crisis is putting a lot of financial pressure on the UN. The threat posed by drought meant the number of Syrians in need of emergency rations could rise to 6.5 million, up from 4.2 million now.
In addition to the worst drought since 2008, the war has ravaged infrastructure, leaving long-term damage to irrigation structures.
This will have “long-lasting effects” on Syria’s food security even after peace is restored.

The UN’s World Food Programme, WFP, which reached a record 4.1
million people with rations in March, said on Monday that it had to cut the size of food parcels to HUNGRY Syrians due to a shortage of funds from donors.
WFP, which feeds hungry people around the world, says the operation in Syria is its biggest and most complex, costing more
than $40 million a week!!
Overall, the UN has received just 16 percent of the $ 2.2 billion sought for its aid operations inside Syria this year. This means that if more aid isn’t gotten, so many Syrians will be left starving.
   Trauma, death, injury,  Emotional and mental torture, ‘home sickness’, poverty, hunger….. How much more can the Syrians endure?

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