The rains are coming…

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    The raining season is here and in the Central African Republic (C.A.R), a country beset by internal conflicts and violence, the displaced people are wary. Many of these people live in displacement camps mainly public offices and buildings. There are about 625,000 displaced people in C.A.R and nearly 200,000 in Bangui (the capital) alone.
At Bangui’s M‘Poko International Airport, an estimated 70,000 people are living in extraordinarily vulnerable conditions. Early rainfall in recent weeks has already destroyed some tents, and flooded some sections of the site with raw sewerage. As the rains set in, people will be exposed to outbreaks of water and vector borne diseases including malaria.
   Out in the rain and floods, unable to return home for fear of their lives, already traumatized by the conflicts, hungry, sick or exposed to diseases, what more can these ‘poor’ people endure.?
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