Human Rights Violations around the world.

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     Human rights violation have been witnessed at various times in history and is still an issue the world is battling today. It takes various forms and crosses nearly all geographical regions. However, there are some states where the situation is worrying(alarming). The major cause of human rights violation is an ‘anti-people’ government.
      Middle East and North African countries are usaully pointed out as being at extreme risk of human rights violation.
    In North African and Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran, state repression and security crack down on peaceful protests,  gatherings and association are prevalent, in addition to some restrictions to freedom of public expression and political aassociation.
      In Sub-saharan African countries like Mali, Somalia, Sudan and Democratic republic of Congo, ethnic, sectarian and religious conflicts have led to an escalation in human rights violation. There is also an alarming rate of sexual violence against girls and women in DRC. (See sexual violence in DRC)
     In Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and Cambodia, poor legal and regulatory frame work and deplorable working conditions have contributed to human rights violation. There is also a worrying state of human trafficking and modern day slavery in some of these Asian countries. (See Human trafficking in Cambodia)
     Human rights violation doesn’t exclude Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Political crackdown on opponents and political prisonment, excessive control of media that to an extent hinders freedom of expression and information can be seen in countries like Ukraine and Russia.
       In many of these countries with poor human rights records,  workers rights are being ignored, rural dwellers are forcefully displaced from their lands without compensation, governments crack down on peaceful protest and obstruct freedom of expression in order to maintain absolute political and economic control. Security forces are violently used to disperse protests. There are cases of corrupt government who infringe on human rights of the opposition by selective justice and ‘political imprisonment’.
      The United Nations Human Rights Council and some other international human rights organizations and groups have been trying in their capacity to curtail various forms of human rights abuses in various countries. However, much more needs to be done to ensure that people live in peace and security and can go about their normal lives without undue interference especially in MENA ( Middle East and Northern Africa).



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