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   I came across these pictures recently and I got very inspired.
     Contrary to the popular opinion that one needs to have in abundance to be able to give assistance or help the needy, we can in little ways help those who really need it. One doesnt need to have in surplus before helping others because most times, it is the love and sincere care behind the assistance that really counts.
      In some societies, the rich and wealthy feel a compelling need to be ‘charitable’ only because this will elevate their social status. These people just give what doesnt really count to them because most of them are corrupt and still device illegal means to get money. Indirectly, they are the actual cause of the ‘need’ these less priviledged people are in (by impovershing the society for their own self aggrandizement)
      Love and sympathy should be the main motives for being charitable. When members of any society start showing care for the welfare of others, real development will start being seen. When we help those in need and they see genuine love, it brings happiness to them. Just knowing that people care about them can bring emotional relief. We should have a passion (desire) to help people who are suffering in different situations and who can’t help themselves.
    Even a little counts, what matters is the motive behind the help we render.


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