‘Drug addicts’: They need help

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    Drug addiction is a very big societal issue. Many people have committed crimes and grave offences under the influence on drugs. So, most people have labelled drug addicts ‘psychos’ who the society needs to get rid of. However, most of us agree that people most times turn to drugs and alcohol in response to pain, unfortunate incidents, family and relationship crises. Many of these often lead to depression. These especially occurs when the victims do not have anyone to turn to who cam show them love and trust..

Damian: He’s an African American. He used to watch his father beat up his mum when he was as little as three. His mum disliked his father so much and to an extent transferred that feeling to him. He grew up without love and never had the things he wanted. When he turned 17, he decided to leave home. His mum didn’t really care, she was so engrossed with her new lover. He went to the people he called friends, they rejected him. He was only accepted by a ‘gang’ whom much later introduced him to drugs.
Unfortunately, he’s now a mainliner; he injects heroin directly into his blood stream.

Amaka: A Nigerian girl who was sexually abused by her father when she was eight. She told her mother but she asked her to keep silent about it. She later discovered that her mum was more interested in her marriage to her dad (simply because he was rich) than her emotions and welfare. She was never able to get a university education. Uju now has sex with men for money. She hates her life and she has turned to drugs to ‘keep herself together’.

  In most cases, drug addiction is not necessarily by ‘free choice’. Many drug addicts have their own stories. Making them feel rejected and isolated, I think, is not the best way to deal with them.
      They need help and to be shown love. These are mainly the things they were deprived of that made them what they are. Their behavior might not be totally socially acceptable but that doesn’t mean we should ostracize them. There have been many instances where love and help had brought some ‘hopeless’ drug addicts out of the ‘hole’ of addiction.
    I am not saying that some others dont just do drugs by free choice or peer influence but they are not the reason for this piece. I’m trying to explain the plight of the ‘disturbed & depressed’ people who turn to drugs because they are desperately looking for relief.
     So, try to reach out to relatives and family, friends who are into drugs.  Show them care. It’s more effective to tackle the problem that leads to the use of these drugs in the first place.



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