Worsening conditions in GAZA

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   Seven days after cold, torrential rains ravaged the Gaza strip, people in the Al Nafaq street area of East Gaza are still struggling to clean debris, mud, sewage and flood waters out of their homes.


    Flood waters swelled to 12 feet within 12 hours on Al Nafaq street on Dec 11 but have now receeded to six feet of sewage contaminated water in some areas of the street.
     400 households lost everything and about 100 people were hospitalized due to the floods. In the broader Gaza strip, the flooding forced 40,000 residents to flee their homes and 100,000 have lost produce on agricultural land.  Gaza was declared a disaster area by UN on Dec 14.
       Gazans have already been battling with Israeli occupation which meant lack of income for many. (This makes the effect of the flooding more severe; most of them are poor and dont have money). Before the flooding, Gazans had to contend with unemployment, poor health care, lack of education …. The 1.8 million people living in Gaza have endured a daily 12 hour blackout since the only power plant was switched off in November due to the shortage of fuel. The power situation, however, has been made a little better bacause of donations from the Qatari government.
   The Palestinians have faced a lot of difficult situations which has only been made worse by the  recent flooding. They are struggling to recover from the disaster but even when they do, they still have other problems like hunger, poverty, lack of employment, poor health care system, lack of education to contend with.
They really need help and aid to get by.
  These charity organizations have been helping, you can also help these people through this charities.
+ Save the Children
+ Mercy Corps
+ Care International
  Lets help them, together we are stronger!


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