Renewed Violence in South Sudan

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   The relatively new African Nation, South Sudan has since been experiencing violence and conflict even after sepearation from the North.
Recent fighting had been ongoing for four days now in South Sudan’s capital, JUBA following what the Government described as a ‘failed coup attempt’. This violence has left several dozens dead and injured while thousands have fled for their lives.
     “More than 20,000 people have sought refuge at two United Nations compounds in Juba  over the past three days,” says Toby Lanzer, UN humanitarian coordinator.
The violence erupted on 15 December when soldiers loyal to former Vice President allegedly attacked the Al Giada army headquarters on the outskirts of Juba in a ‘planned coup’. The former Vice President refutes this allegation and claims that it was just a misunderstanding between the troops.
    There are strong fears that recent conflicts could lead to an ethnic war which analysts say would be completely disastrous.
     South Sudan, however is not a country new to violence. It had a bitter civil war with the north that killed over 2 million people before it gained independence. South Sudan which gained independence on 9th July, 2011 remains one of the poorest and least developed country in the world with most communities lacking access to basic amenities.
About 1.7 million people still live in camps in Darfur while there are still 298,000 refugees in neighboring Chad.
   Thousands desperately need food and water, shelter and health care which is made difficult to reach them by the ‘renewed conflicts’.

Hunger is very severe, food is scarce, many are starving.
   Some aid and humanitarian groups have been helping, doing a remarkable job. You can consider helping them by donating.
+ Action Against hunger
+ save the children
+ Care International
Please, help save the starving and dying South Sudanese, especially the children.
They do not deserve to suffer.
Show love!.


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