SUDAN: They need help!

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    Presently, about 1.5 million people in Darfur, western Sudan are homeless, hungry and vulnerable to violent attacks. There have been widespread cases of terror, murder and rape. Hence, these people live in perpetual fear.
       Since 2003, wars in Sudan have left about 2 million people dead, and forced 4 million people to flee their homes, leaving Sudan with the highest number of internally displaced people in the world.
     The United Nations estimates that:
    49% of Sudanese refugees lack food
    88% lack shelter
     67% lack water
      93% lack adequate sanitation!
   Compounding these problems, warring militias often rob the refugees of food.
Conditions are extremely difficult. Children are starving and dying of preventable disease because of very limited access to health care.

The Sudanese people desperately need help. We should help them in any way we can, no matter how little.
    You can help bring aid to these troubled souls. Consider donating to any of these charities assisting Sudan:
+ Care international
+ Save the Children
+ Catholic Relief Services
+ Help Sudan
     Lets show love.


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