Save the ‘War-torn’ Syrians

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The almost ‘3 year civil war’ raging in Syria has brought so much suffering and pain to the Syrians and has triggered what is now described as the world’s worst Humanitarian crises of our time.
    The present condition is extremely pathetic.
More than 100,000 people are dead
About 2 million citizens have fled Syria
4 million people are said to be internally displaced.
  The people who have fled Syria have taken refuge in neighboring countries. (The number of refugees are growing daily)
   The number of refugees:
Lebanon: 760,000
Jordan: 525,000
Turkey: 490,000
Iraq :   190,000
Egypt:  125,000
North Africa: 17, 200
   The list above just shows statistics of registered refugees. Many other people have not been registered, some organizations even think that the actual numbers are nearly double the figures stated above.
   Seeing pictures of the situation nearly brought tears to my



   People are starving to death, homeless in the horrific cold. There’s extreme malnutrition, disease and deplorable hygiene conditions at the refugee camps.
The children are traumatized, isolated and suffering. One can only wonder what the future of this children holds.
    Thankfully, the UN and many charities and people have been helping to alleviate the suffering of these people.
You can also help save a life, ease the suffering and help the young vulnerable children.
Consider helping through the following charities.
1) international rescue committee
2) CARE international
3) Save the Children
  Also see to discover more ways to help.


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