Devastation in the Central African Republic

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For many years now, Rebel insurgencies, war, ethnic conflicts and extreme poverty has ravaged the land locked country, Central African Republic.

The crises there has been described as the world’s most terrible ‘silent conflict’ because only few people are paying attention.
More than a million of the country’s 4 million population have been affected.
95% of individuals there live less than $1 per day.
Thousands have died and about 200,000 people are internally displaced.
The country ranks 154th among the world’s 174 poor countries
15% of people suffer from aids
Many children are not in school and only 22% complete primary education.
The rebels have been enlisting innocent children as soldiers.
There is extreme hunger and poverty in this country, high rate of infant mortality, little or no access to primary health care.

This country is in dire need of help. No one is meant to suffer but this people suffer untold hardship. They critically need aid and relief. Let us help and support them.
Below are notable charities that have been helping the people of C.A.R.
You can support them by donating to these charities.
1) SOS children
2) War child
3) Merlin
4) international rescue committee
5) Action against hunger

Thank you as you help them.
Show love.
Everyone deserves to be happy.


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    lotenna responded:
    December 6, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    this is such a nice work. i hope many people respond to it.


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